Car hire in Ondara with no deposit on Costa Blanca North in Spain. All inclusive car hire company in Ondara with no deposit, no excess, zero surprises. Use the search form below to find cheap car hire with no deposit in Ondara or call booking +34 653 221 333.

Car hire Ondara with no deposit

Car hire Ondara no deposit
Car hire Ondara with no deposit
When you choose a no deposit, or no excess car hire in Ondara, you remove the excess you’d be responsible for in the event of an accident. All our cars is all inclusive and that insures any possible damage of the vehicle and has 24 hour roadside assistance, with no excess and without the need to hold a deposit from your card.

All inclusive car hire in Ondara cover for any eventuality that you may encounter while driving your car rental. If you do not have a car hire with no deposit or excess, and the vehicle is damaged upon return, in most cases you will have to pay the cost of the repair. The cover against damages and theft included in the hire limits the costs up to the maximum of the excess. However, If you hire a car with no deposit, you won´t have to worry about the excess as you will be covered for any damage that occurs to the vehicle.

Read our terms and conditions to learn more about what is included/not included in our all inclusive car hire deal with no deposit or excess.

Benefits all inclusive car hire no deposit

  • Full cover of the vehicle
  • No deposit and no excess
  • Free Roadside Assistance 24/7
  • Free door to door delivery anywhere on Costa Blanca North

    Cheap car hire in Ondara no deposit

    Heading to Ondara and need the cheapest rental car with no deposit? Millions of tourists each year rent a car at Alicante Airport and Valencia Airport, and in the high season it may sometimes be difficult to get the kind of car with zero deposit that you want. Then it is good to be aware of a few things when renting a cheap car in Ondara, so your holiday in Spain get as hassle-free as possible from the start to the end.

    If you need the cheapest rental car with no deposit for your stay in Ondara, it is easiest to book it for pickup when you arrive at Alicante airport, or Valencia Airport. Then you can easily return it when you return to your home country, and you do not need alternative transport to and from Alicante og Valencia Airport. In most cases, this is cheaper than using small local car hire companies in Ondara.

    No deposit car hire tips Ondara

    Good tips about car rental in Ondara with zero excess or deposit. They will help you to find a car hire in Ondara, and ensure that everything runs smoothly, and you can focus on enjoying your holiday. Read: 15 tips for affordable car hire in Ondara.

    Rent a car in Ondara with no deposit online – In most cases it is much cheaper to book a car with zero excess online, than wait to hire a car when you have landed at Alicante or Valencia Airport. If you wait to the last minute, prices will be higher, less cars to choose from, and you may have to settle for a rental car that does not fit you and your family on your holiday.

  • Book your car with no deposit early – As with airplane tickets it is advisable to book your car hire with no excess in Ondara as soon as possible. A good rule is to book a car when you know when you are flying to Alicante or Valencia. If you book your car early on internet you will save a lot compared to if you wait until closely to departure. During holidays and festivals this is particularly important because of the lack of rental cars in Ondara.
  • Do not forget the size of your luggage – Many believe that the cheapest rental cars with no deposit are the smallest, and this is also the car type that is ordered most of. What many do not consider is that the whole family should sit comfortably, and in addition to that it should be plenty of space for luggage. Choose a midsize car with more space. Surprisingly enough, it could be at least as cheap as a small car.
  • Be prepared and save time – Make sure you bring a copy of your order on car hire with no deposit in Ondara, reservation number, driver’s license, passport and credit card. Car companies have high demand and very often you can experience a big queue. Do you have this ready when it’s your turn, you will save time. Read more about what you need to rent a car in Spain.
  • Check your car with no excess when you pick it up – This is an important. Even when you are in a hurry or feel tired, it is worth taking the time to check the car with zero excess or deposit carefully. You are responsible for the damage to the car. Make sure all scratches and dents are mentioned in the contract. Otherwise, they may try to charge you for damage done by the previous tenant. Same goes for the interior. Use your mobile to make a video and take pictures around the vehicle. Then you have evidence of what condition the car was when you got it.

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