Terms and Conditions BlancaCars


The tenant and drivers must have all the following requirements: 

  1.  Valid driver’s license for the last 2 years. 
  2.  Driver`s age over 22 years old. 
  3.  Provide ID card, credit card, residence card or passport with valid address. 

The drivers listed in the contract will be the only ones authorized to drive the vehicle. 



By signing this contract, the lessee confirms having seen and inspected the vehicle and confirms that it is in good condition.



The tenant receives in rental the vehicle described above, in good working conditions, with all documents, tires, tools and accessories. Drivers in the contract must conserve them and drive the vehicle according to the regulations of the Traffic Code. Being expressly prohibited: 

  1. Driving the vehicle by unauthorized persons in the contract. 
  2. Transporting people or goods when it explicitly implies the sublease of the vehicle. 
  3. Transporting people or merchandise without having obtained the administrative authorization, required by the legal system. In case of non-compliance, the lessee will be responsible for the penalties that may be imposed on the lessor by the Administration. 
  4. Illegal activities. Driving the vehicle with the disadvantage of physical conditions, motivated by alcohol, drugs, fatigue or illness. 
  5. Use the vehicle to push or tow other vehicles. 
  6. Participate with the vehicle in races, sports competitions, etc. 
  7. Having the vehicle badly parked or poorly guarded when it was not used. 
  8. Manipulate the odometer of the vehicle. Any type damage must immediately be notified. 
  9. Travel outside the national road network or any land not suitable, being expressly excluded from insurance coverage the damage to the underside of the vehicle or mechanical components that are damaged as a result of bad driving, as well as the damages caused by the circulation of restricted areas of the road network. 
  10. Not stopping the vehicle as soon as possible when any warning light or alarm that indicates anomaly in the operation of the vehicle or is detected by the lessee/driver. The lessor or the insurance company shall be contacted for them to arrange or inform the suitable proceeding. Neither repairs nor assistance other than that provided or without prior authorization from the lessor, will be paid. 
  11. Driving the vehicle to another country 
  12. Carry out an extreme or demanding sport driving that causes premature or anomalous wear of elements of the vehicle that do not correspond to the kilometers made and that has its origin in an excess of demand on the part of the lessee/driver. 
  13. Vary any technical characteristics of the vehicle, the keys, equipment, tools and / or accessories. In the case of breach of this article, the lessee must bear the expenses, duly justified, of reconditioning the vehicle to its original condition, as well as paying an amount for the immobilization of the vehicle. 
  14. Assign, rent, mortgage, pledge, sell or any other form of security. 
  15. Transporting children under three years of age or over three years of age who do not exceed a height of 150 centimeters without using the corresponding compulsory retention device approved according to the child’s weight and height. 

The lessee undertakes and commits to the faithful compliance with the rules on traffic regulation. He must respond personally for the payment of fines or compensations for which he is required or convicted. 



The lessee will return the rented vehicle together with all its documents, keys, tires, tools and accessories, in the place and date stipulated in the contract. Failure to comply with this condition entitles the lessor to charge the client’s credit card with extraordinary service fees or the amount of the value of the parts that must be replaced. 



The lessee agrees to pay and authorizes the lessor to collect after the end of the rental of the vehicle by electronic payment system or with any collection system all those expenses, penalties, fines, repairs or other situations caused by its misuse and that are necessary to restitute the lessor in the damage caused. 

1) The exceptional services hired, used or incurred. The application of the agreed rate is initially suspended until the return is made. 

2) The charges caused by the loss of the vehicle’s documentation, as well as the loss of tires, tools, accessories, etc. 

3) The costs of repairing the damage caused to the vehicle or its accessories by the lessee or by a third party, in the event of an accident or in a fortuitous event; as well as the damages that may occur due to theft, when the following circumstances occur: 

  1. a) The vehicle was not used in accordance with the established conditions. 
  2. b) The accident report had not been completed within the prescribed period or that it did not conform to the reality of the events that occurred. 

4) The fines and legal expenses motivated by the traffic infractions or infraction of the laws by the lessee. A Fee of 30€ will be paid for handling fines. 

5) In case of wrong refueling, the client / lessee will pay all the expenses incurred (crane, emptying the tank, etc.) 

6) Exceptional cleaning or repair of upholstery. It will be understood as those produced by gum, resins, acids, oils, inks, liquids, smoking and animals. 

7) In the event that the vehicle is declared total loss or is unusable for its use, it will be compensated for the new value of the vehicle, including the optional elements that it had. In the case that the model is no longer manufactured, the corresponding amount will be credited to an equivalent model that replaces it.

8) If you have booked a car online on www.blancacars.com you will automatically receive a confirmation on your email that we have got your booking request. This document is not valid for collection of the car. Your booking has the status pending and we will send you a booking confirmation as soon as your order is manually checked and availability of car is confirmed within the next 24 hours. If there is any error with website or wrong pricing of the car at the moment of your booking, we can not guarantee the price you have been quoted.



A charge of 30% of the total service is established with a minimum of € 150 if the reservation is cancelled 10 to 14 calendar days before the start of the rental. 60% with a minimum of € 150 if cancelled between 6 and 9 days in advance and 80% with a minimum of € 150 if cancelled between 2 and 5 days in advance. Being this percentage of 100% of the service with a maximum of € 1000 if the vehicle is not picked up.



In case of accident the lessee commits to: 

Obtain the full details of the opposing party and possible witnesses, filling out an accident report, which will be sent to the lessor, within a period of forty-eight hours after the accident occurred. Not abandon the rented vehicle without taking adequate measures to protect it. Immediately communicate the fact to the lessor. 

The lessee is responsible for any damage, harm, injury, loss, or death caused to third parties, their property or belongings on occasion or due to negligent, culpable or fraudulent driving.



The lessor declares to have taken the necessary precautions to avoid mechanical failures of the hired vehicle. In the event of these occurring, the lessor does not assume any responsibility for the damages that could directly or indirectly be caused to the lessee as a consequence of said failures or breakdowns.



By signing this contract the lessee authorizes BlancaCars or our partners to charge on the credit card provided, the agreed or remaining pending quantity at the end of the contract for rent, damage caused not covered by the insurance, or any other charge attributable to the tenant, communicating the breakdown of the charges.



The liquidation of total final amount of the rent is subject to the return of the vehicle in the same condition as it was delivered and on the date, place and time as agreed in the contract, in such case the lessee shall pay the lessor any extra charge attributable to lessee as a result of the general terms of this contract. In the event that the lessee decides to pay by credit card he/she does authorize the lessor to debit the credit card of any extra amount originated and attributable by lessee, and lessee shall sign the acceptance of the charge of the total final amount of the rent in the contract.



The rental agreement includes a roadside assistance service with the insurer.



The lessee may request the lessor to transport the vehicle to a different address than usual, as well as for its collection. Said service must be requested together with the lease of the vehicle.



Law and divergence that may appear between the hire company and the lessee will be submitted to the jurisdictions of the courts of Denia, with expressed renounced to any other.



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