Car hire Jalon with a debit card in Spain. All inclusive car hire company in Jalon that accept payment with a debit card. Use the search form below to find cheap car hire with a debit card in Jalon or call our booking service +34 653 221 333.

Debit card car hire in Jalon

Debit card car hire Jalon
Debit card car hire Jalon
Are you looking to hire a car at Jalon but want to pay with a debit card? Typically car rental companies will only accept credit cards, however if you hire a car with Blanca Cars, you can pay with a debit card and no credit card needed. When you hire a car with us you get a all inclusive deal with full cover, no deposit, no excess, and no prepayment or cancellation fee. That means you can pay for your car with a debit card and have full cover.

If you want to hire a car for your holidays in Jalon with peace of mind that your debit card gives you, you no longer have to worry about it. Hiring a car in Jalon has traditionally meant that a credit card is needed by the car hire company. It has always been difficult to rent a car with a debit card if you don´t have a credit card. When you hire a car you are being given a vehicle worth thousands of euros and so the car hire company has to take steps to protect their interests. This is one reason why BlancaCars is so popular as we allows debit card car hire in Jalon.

Can i hire a car in Jalon with a debit card?

Yes you can! Car hire in Jalon with a debit card is possible when you book your car with Blanca Cars. Hiring a car in Jalon with a debit card is not so common, and it’s not a service that many car hire companies offer. When you book your debit card car hire with us you are given a all inclusive price with full cover that includes everything.

For clients from most European countries, as long as you present your passport and driving license you will be able to rent a car with your debit card on Costa Blanca with us. If you have any doubts or questions about this, you are welcome to call or contact us.

Accepted debit cards

Blanca Cars accept many different debit cards when renting a car from Jalon. Debit Cards are directly linked to your bank account (such as a salary or savings account). When you use your Debit Card, the amount is deducted directly from your bank account. You can tell if your card is a debit card by looking at the right-hand side of the card where it will say “Debit” on either the top or the bottom corner. You will have a personal identification number (PIN) to use with your debit card at stores or ATMs. However, you can also use your debit card without a PIN at most merchants.

Credit cards

Not accepted debit cards

Debit cards that is not accepted when renting a car in Jalon is cards that do require a pin code for online purchases or for electronic use only. See examples below of debit cards that we do not accept.

Visa Electron
Maestro Cards
– Revolut or other online bank debit cards
– Debit card marked ‘For electronic use only’.

What is a debit card?

Debit cards blend the basic functions of an ATM card and a credit card to help consumers quickly access cash from their bank accounts. You can use a debit card for online purchases, at the cash register or even in a mobile wallet app to pay instead of writing a check. However, unlike a credit card, a debit card links directly to your bank account, using the money you have on deposit to pay for your purchase or make your ATM withdrawal digitally.

Debit cards partner with major credit card brands, such as VISA, Mastercard and Discover, to allow you to use your debit card for payment anywhere those branded cards are accepted. When using your debit card for an in-person purchase, you’ll swipe, insert or use contactless pay at the card terminal just like a credit card. You’ll then enter your personal identification number (PIN) into the machine, although some merchants allow you to use your debit card without a PIN. Your PIN is a security measure that verifies your identity. Debit card purchases can be made with or without a PIN. If the card has a major payment processor’s logo, it often can be run without one.

How to hire a car in Jalon with a debit card

In order to book your car hire in Jalon with a debit card, you’ll need to follow the steps below.

  • Book your car online or by phone – If you want to book your car and pay with a debit card, you can order online or call/Whatsapp our booking service at +34 653 221 333. You can also chat with us on our staff on Facebook. If you book your car online, please let us know that you want to pay with a debit card.
  • When you collect the car – you will need to bring your booking confirmation, a valid driving license, passport and a debit or credit card in drivers name. This is important. We only accept debit or credit cards in drivers name. Check our FAQ or terms and conditions for more info.

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