Alicante Airport

Everything you need to know about collection and return of your car hire from Blanca Cars at Alicante Airport. It’s very quick and easy to pick your car up, so just make sure you note down the details of what you need to do with collection and return of the rental car at Alicante Airport.

Collection of car hire at Alicante Airport

You can find all the instructions for collection on your booking confirmation that we have sent you on your email. You can also view this information on the main page of our website under the section FAQ, and then clicking on the office destination you need. Our representative or courtesy shuttle bus will be waiting for you at the location point at Alicante Airport provided to take you to the depot for collection of your car hire.

Description to collect the car hire at Alicante Airport

Car Hire Collection and Return Alicante Airport
Alicante Airport Car Hire Collection and Return

  • When you come out in the arrival area at Alicante Airport take the elevator down to level -2.
  • When you arrive with the elevator to level -2. Go out there, turn left and walk down about 100 meters to you see parking number 1-5. Our free shuttle bus market with Victoria Cars will be waiting for you and drive immediately to Victoria Cars depot located 2 minutes away from the airport. If the shuttle bus is not there when you arrive, just wait a couple of minutes or you can call directly to driver +34 965 68 37 71

  • There is no waiting time with this service. Once you arrive at the office there are no ques. Simply get off the shuttle bus, do all paperwork in a few minutes and ready to go. In the short video below we will show you where to go from the arrival area at Alicante Airport to the meeting point. See this video and you will see how easy is to arrive at our meeting point.

    Video of where to go for collection of your car hire at Alicante Airport

    What documents do I have to provide to collect the vehicle at Alicante Airport?

  • Valid Passport or National Identity Card.
  • Driver’s license.
  • Debit/credit card in the name of the main driver.
  • Booking confirmation.

  • Return of the car hire at Alicante Airport

    To return the car hire at the end of your contract period, you can return it directly to the depot at Alicante Airport, see address below. When you are at depot and returning your car, a shuttle bus will take you directly to arrival area at Alicante Airport. Please remember to refill the car, so you return the car with full tank. Here is a mini guide to the best petrol stations near Alicante Airport.

    Address returning car at Alicante Airport

    Victoria Cars
    Carretera Aeropuerto, Partida Lo Morant, Polígono 2, Nº 136,
    03195 L’Altet
    Phone: +34 965 68 37 71

    Will I still have my car available if my flight to Alicante Airport is delayed?

    Yes, if you have provided us with a valid flight number, we can monitor the flights and be aware of any delays. It is imperative that we have a correct flight number for the arrival at Alicante Airport.

    I’m not coming to Alicante Airport by plane, how can I book?

    If you are not travelling by plane and you want to collect the rental car directly at our office at Alicante Airport, all you need to do is to let us know in the booking process, or call our customer service +34 653 221 333 to reserve a car. If you are coming by plane, it is very important that you give us your flight number to confirm your arrival time.

    Can I make a reservation and collect the vehicle at Alicante Airport on the same day?

    Yes, you can. For our airport offices you need to book by phone +34 653 221 333 minimum 1 hour before arrival. In this case we can not guarantee that all car models are available, but we will let you know when you book the car what we will have available at that time.

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