Road Trip Denia

Are you planning a road trip to Denia on the Costa Blanca North in Spain and looking for inspirational travel ideas. This guide include great destinations, attractions, and basically all you need to see when you want to spend the day in the beautiful city of Denia.

Plan your journey, find amazing places, and take fascinating detours with the help of your local car hire company in Denia. If you need to save this article for later, you can download the Denia road trip guide as PDF.

Road trip to Denia

Road trip to Denia
Road trip Denia
The colorful seaside town of Denia enjoys a privileged location right on the northern edge of Alicante province. It sits on the coast of the Mediterranean opposite the Balearic Islands and is backed by the impressive mountains of Montgo Natural Park.

Denia is located between the major cities of Alicante and Valencia, an interesting mix of old and new. Its sandy beaches extend beyond the eye can see, and the city is a magnet for those who like sailing and those who want to relax with a day at the beach.

With about 29 000 inhabitants, Denia does not only make their living from tourism. It possesses one of the most important harbors of the area, with ferry connections to Ibiza, Mallorca and others. Its’ amazing scenery and an average of nearly 320 days sunshine per year makes Denia not only a popular holiday destination but also a great place to live. Dénia has a Mediterranean climate with mild and short winters and hot and long summers. The mean temperature of the coldest month (January) is 12.3 °C (54.1 °F), while the mean of the hottest month (August) is 26.8 °C (80.2 °F). The city enjoys around 3,000 sunshine hours per year.

Without doubt, you’ll love this road trip to Denia; it’s a perfect choice to spend a day of culture, or just enjoy a quiet walk in a beautiful place. Hit the road and discover the most beautiful places in Denia.

Old town of Denia

Denia Old Town
We will start the road trip in Denia in the old town. In the old town of Denia you will find narrow and picturesque streets of Moorish origin. Many beautiful buildings from the modernist period, a certificate to the fact that Denia had a major importance as a trading center, especially towards the end of the 19th century. Denia is also known for its toy industry, and beautiful exhibits are exhibited at the Toy Museum. Near the harbor is the quarter “Baix la Mar” with the traditional houses of fishermen and picturesque squares and streets. Here you can enjoy good seafood, well-known are the “Gambas Rojas” (red prawns). Another specialty is sweet wine “Mistela”, which fits excellent as an aperitif or for dessert.

From the old town of Denia, we continue our road trip to the beautiful port area.

Experience the beautiful port of Denia

The Port Denia has become one of the most important of the east coast. Its shape defined by two levees that together with the coastline form a NE semitriángulo with access protected by riprap, allowing safe access even in bad weather. The Port include an important fishing port as well as 2 marinas: Yacht Club and La Marina. La Marina, with its huge yachts, restaurants, pubs and shops have become an attractive leisure and entertainment spot, very pleasant to walk after a day at the beach.

On a crag behind the port, Dénia’s castle was built by the Moors in the 10th century on top of the foundations of a fortreess from the Roman city of Diannium. In the 11th-century it would have been a sumptuous palace, as it was the home of the Moorish governor of the Daniya Madinat. Later though it was needed for military purposes to offer a stronghold against the Barbary Pirates who attacked the coast incessantly in the early modern age. The castle is the highest point in the city and you can get up to the roof for the best view of the harbour and also Montgó to the southeast.

After a bit of walking in the old town and at the port, our next step in our Denia road trip is more relaxing. Let`s visit some of Denia`s most beautiful beaches.

Beautiful Las Marinas beach in Denia

The transparent and crystal clear waters and fine golden sand of Las Marinas beach are one of the main attractions in Denia. Also, it is sheltered from the south and southeast winds. The beach area known as Las Marinas or Les Marines de Dénia is located in the north of the city. It is the widest area of ​​the coast that the municipality has, and it is formed mostly by beaches of sand.

It is an urban beach, easily accessible by road with convenient services such as parking, footbridges, cleaning and maritime surveillance, showers, toilets, rent of hammocks and parasols, and a poolside snack bar and restaurant where you can taste some of the delicious rice dishes which are typical of the Levantine cuisine.

It is a beach frequented by families looking for a place that is not as crowded as the beaches downtown. The beach here is spacious, clean and perfect for this. Playa Las Marinas has a certificate of tourist quality and the Blue Flag of the EU.

Map of Denia beaches

After a relaxing time at the beaches, it`s time to enjoy the nature that surrounding Denia. See the city from the sky and enjoy amazing views. Lets go hiking and see the best viewing-points of Denia.

Hiking in Denia

No doubt about it: hiking routes are fun. Especially in a region like Dénia where there is plenty to discover. Hiking around Dénia is one of the best ways to experience more of the landscape, although finding the right route is not always easy. To help, here are the top hikes and walks around Dénia — so you can just get out and go.

If you want a tale to tell your friends you can tackle this monolithic 750-metre mountain that separates Dénia from neighbouring Jávea. What you don’t need to tell them is that, despite its powerful appearance, it’s actually a relatively straightforward climb. If you take the CV-736, you can pull off on a side track and park near the shooting club.

Tackling the mountain from the east side the going is surprisingly easy, as the path winds up along grey limestone terraces. It’s only near the top that you’ll need to go carefully, as there’s a fair bit of scree after about 600 metres or so.

Viewing points in Denia (Miradores)

Road Trip Denia Viewing points
Denia is a city on the Costa Blanca North in Spain surrounded by mountains and its natural viewing points are wonderful. From experience, any time is good to visit these hidden places, although we always recommend enjoying the sunsets and sunrises. In these moments you can enjoy an idyllic image of Denia with the Mediterranean Sea to the horizon and the colors that these golden hours give us. Experience the best views in Denia.

Chillout in Denia

One of the best things about Denia in Spain is that you can set the pace for your road trip. If you want to have action there are enough activities to keep you busy day and night. However, if you want to just relaz by the sea and just let your stresses melt away, that’s fine too.

Enjoy the cultural and recreational activities which take place during the Dénia nights, such as for example, in summer, the Castle is the ideal spot for the celebration of the “Música al Castell- Festival de Música Tradicional y Popular” (Music in the Castle – Traditional and Popular Music Festival) concerts, which fill the nights with melodies, songs and musical notes from diverse regions of Spain and countries worldwide

You can set the pace of your road trip as you like, because part of the charm of Denia is simply being here, eating, drinking, exploring, swimming, hiking, or just enjoy the atmosphere and letting the Spanish sunshine warm your bones.

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